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My heart is pounding heavy
My heart is surviving a fight
My heart it is the reason
You can't put away this light
Your actions I do feel
Your words they really cut
No words do I have to hear
To know how hard you bite
So save yourself the trouble
Don't send away the message
I know what you have chosen
Through an underlying passage
Another won't help your healing
Another won't help you travel
This lie you tell unto yourself
Won't make my love unravel
The connection it is solid
The connection oh so real
Hiding from won't help you
For it is me you'll always feel
My dreams they do talk to you
My dreams they do transend
Your barriers have no defenses
Until my heart finally mends
So deny the truth in us
You have so many reasons
The path that you have chosen
Won't make it through this season

Written 9-15-2010 on a rainy day with a heavy heart...