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On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

The Ultimate Pack Saddle




The Ultimate Pack Saddle  Tested over 90 miles of non-stop riding in the Montana wilderness, this re-engineered packsaddle by Evolutionary saddles will fit today’s horses and mules.  Attached to the Ralide® pack tree are the amazing System X panels which spread the dead-weight load across the pack animal’s back, preventing pressure points, soreness, and galls.  This saddle will clear even the tallest of withers.  Also added is the freely adjustable slide n’ lock rigging, allowing easy repositioning of the rigging up and down; forward and back - balance the load and to position the girth to avoid galling.  The neoprene girth features stainless steel roller buckles, allowing for easy and fast tightening and has a pocket to tuck away the billet straps to protect the animal’s sides. Dee rings are strategically placed on the tree to allow for a perfect-fitting pack load.  Included are Saddle Sox™, which is a pad that stays attached to the packsaddle (but can easily removed and laundered). This pad does not bunch or slip, thus avoiding bruising of the animal’s spine or withers or causing galls.

 Also a must have are the Garment bags under the    "Bag" section of this web site. Two of these bags make packing the little things with all the clips much easier, as well as the Tubtrugs that you can use as feed pails and to haul water page 30.

Rent it!  Instead of purchasing the entire package for occasional use you can rent it for just $30.00 per day.  A $1400.00 deposit is required which will be returned minus rental and shipping when the rented items are returned Contact us for further details.  

Click here to download the ordering form for your new pack saddle...