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We will provide mare care and artificial insemination for $150 for 2 consecutive heat cycles when you breed to either one of our stallions... Book your breeding now, space is limited!!!
This does not include the cost of the semen...

Need a breeding??? Do you have too many horses and have no money??? Make us a trade!!! GIve us a call 715-569-4693 or e-mail us at poetrypaints@yahoo.com . We can also collect semen from your stallion and ship it for you...

Click here to download the Semen Contract


Click here to see Socketts Registration Papers with Family Tree...


Click here to learn more about the Peruvian Horse History...

Click here to learn more about Piloto "The Legend"

Breeding Discounts:
If your mare is a World Champion or World Champion producer you are entitled to receive a $200 discount off the regular breeding service fee... Mares that have earned 100 halter points or produced a foal that earned over 100 halter points are entitled to a $100 discount... Breed 2 or more mares and you will receive $50 off the regular breeding fee for each mare bred... Only one discount will apply per mare and discounts are not cumulative...
Show records must be verified to receive applicable discounts...
Please call 715-569-4693 and ask for Chrissy or Carl or e-mail us at poetrypaints@yahoo.com if you have any questions... Edit Text