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Stallion, APHA Superior Halter Champion Socketts Gon Gold

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Please read this: When breeding, A great Stallion is only half of the equation the mare has to bring the other half and because she also sets the imprint while nursing I think she brings a little more, which is why it is so important to have great mares in your over all breeding program.

Socketts Gon Gold

1997 Sorrel Overo - Enrolled in the 2010 APHA Breeders Trust

15-3, HYPP NN

Click here to see Socketts Registration and Family Tree...


Here is another article and proof of how terrific Socketts babies are.... Socketts is a consistant proven producer!!!! 


Here is our boy Socketts in his working atire... Ha ha
This picture was taken 2-2-2010... Chrissy likes to ride him bareback in the winter because he keeps her butt warm... Also, with a back as muscular and big as his who needs a saddle???
She is getting him in shape for the shows in April and has been riding him almost everyday this winter... He loves the attention and loves to go for rides in the woods, down the road, wherever!!! Socketts is a very level headed stallion, calm and very under control, But do not underestimate him... Socketts has a fire in his belly and is a very capable stallion... To really appreciate him you must visit him in person...
Come and see Chrissy ride Socketts and display his sweet disposition at the 2010 Mid West Horse Fair in Madison and the Minnesota horse fair in Minneapolis...


Socketts is our baby sitter all winter long... Once the babies are weaned we put them in with him until breeding season... Even Stallions are social and feel the need to be in a herd... Socketts is one happy daddy!!!


Look at the colorful babies Socketts has!!!


Saphira is a 2009 creamy colored tri-color filly sired by Socketts and the mom is a registered grey quarter horse!!!


A 2009 Sockett baby colt... His mom is solid black paint!!!


A 2008 Sockett baby colt... From the same black paint mare!!!


A 2008 Sockett baby colt... From a bay mare!!!


Another 2009 Sockett baby filly... Her mom is solid black registered quarter horse!!!


Gold Brackett, another champion sired by Socketts Gon Gold!!!



Gold Brackett is a WPHC three year high point futurity winner and is a son of Socketts Gon Gold...
Gold Brackett is owned and shown by:

Tami Janke -Owner

Regular Stud Fee $800
Early breeding season special!!!
Save $200 if you book your 2011 breeding before 28 February 2011
Only $600
$200 down payment required at time of booking...
Call us at 715-569-4693 or e-mail us at poetrypaints@yahoo.com

"Sockett" is an APHA Superior Halter stallion with a very long list of winners in his offspring. Besides the multiple futurity winning babies he is the sire of Socketts Jamaican a 2001 bay overo gelding that won the WPHC all around youth award in 2006 along with many individual high points.

Socketts Gon Gold has established himself as a winning producer. We ship cooled semen to anywhere in the United States, parts of Mexico and England. The shipments include two packages with 500 million to a billion sperm per part per sample. We guarantee a live foal and discounts to return mares. We also run early breeding season specials.

Socketts can be seen at our farm and is always eager for new people to visit him. He is the most docile and easy going stallion I have ever seen and that easy going mild disposition does transfer to his babies... Socketts came to us from www.hjhpainthorses and we still work closely with Darrel Honnold and his family of proven producers....