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The Liberty  Built on the same tree as the Caliente, this style is by far the most popular trail riding western saddle bar none!

The Liberty Saddle

The Liberty  Built on the same tree as the Caliente, this style is by far the most popular trail riding western saddle bar none! The Liberty spells comfort With a contemporary design featuring) tear drop fenders, straight cantle binding, a slick fork and a deep seat pocket that gives comforting lower back support for the all day ride. This saddle is popular with all breeds and types of horses and mules too! The round skirt design gives it ability to fit the various back shapes – long and short, dippy and straight. This saddle has a narrow to moderate twist allowing the rider to ride all day long without getting fatigued in the knees and hips.  The nicely padded soft-seat uses both upholstery and neoprene foam, is hand skived and shaped to be anatomically correct, has no stitching lines that can rub you raw. Another plus for this saddle is the easy free flowing movement of the fenders that virtually eliminates problems with legs and feet falling asleep.  As for security, it is all there.  The ultra thin tree and advance panel design allow the rider a next-to and down on the horse secure seat. Oh… and don’t forget that horn… you can really use it: great for ponying young stock yet low enough to be generally out of the way, reducing the chance of having the horn get caught up in clothing. The only difference between the Liberty and the Caliente is the Liberty does not have the blocking. Photo showing difference.

Seat size: 15, 16 and 17 inch
Weight: 23, 24 and 26 lbs. Saddles may vary +/- 2 pounds through different thickness of leather, hardware and other points during the building-process.
Panel length: 22.7, 23.77 and 24.77 inches. All designed for up to a 3-inch scapula overlap.
Skirt length:  25, 26 and 27 inches as panels is inside and there is the seam allowance.
Bar length: 20, 21 and 22 for 15, 16 and 17 inch seats
Saddle color: Black, Brown or Two-tone.
Seat type: Black or Brown Upholstery Cowhide, smooth or Suede.
Seat style: inch smooth padding or the one-inch Soft-Seat How to know?
Blocking:  None
Fork: Slick – 3 1/2" high and 8" wide at base (total height to top of horn measured from base seat is 6 inches)
Horn:  2" High and Cap 2 3/8 inches
Cantle: measured from inside the seat 4 1/2" high (varies with seat padding) and 13" wide with straight cantle binding.  Height measured at back of cantle is 4 inches.
Skirts: Round contoured with fleece lining
Fenders: Round tear drop 8" wide backed with boot leather.
Leather rosettes: 1 and 1 3/4 inch.
Hardware: All Stainless Steel. Rings, Dee's and Footman loops: Specify quantity and where to place
Rigging: Dropped cross fire with adjustable Stainless Steel sliders and rings with latigo and nylon reinforced off billet
All About Saddling DVD and Leather Care Kit:  Yes
Additional options: Available

$2850.00 for basic Liberty Saddle...

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Liberty Black With Brown Seat...


Liberty Brown With Black Seat...


Liberty All Black...