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To down load files click on the name of the file then save it on your computer... All forms are in .pdf format...

Use this form to help determine your saddle seat size...

Saddle seat size chart

Download and fill out, sign and mail us this form to breed your mare!!!

Transported Cooled Semen/Breeding Contract

This is the form we fill out and is with your semen shipment...

Cooled Semen Transport Sheet

This is the health care record form we use for all of the horses in our care...

Horse Health Care Record

Fill out this form and mail it in for testing the genetics of your horse...
The Equine Test is:


Animal Genetics

1336 Timberlane Road

Tallahassee Fl 32312-1766


Phone 866-922-6436


To get a test result you can either pull the reporting form off their web site or  download this form and send them your name, address and phone number, plus name, breed and registration, and sex of animal being tested

Along with 30-40 pulled main hairs taped to a plain piece of paper in an envelope and $25.00 for each test you want done.   I would sure have her tested for HYPP and LWO if she was mine. 

Equine Genetics

This is the form we use for our boarding agreement...

Boarding Agreement

This is our "Release of Liability" form.. Anyone who visits our farm must fill one of these out and we keep them on file...

Liability Form

For testing your mares milk to help determine her foaling date read and fill out these forms...

Testing mares milk

Mares Milk Log Sheet

This is the grain formula we use for our stallions and babies... We order bulk and in bags to get the best price...

Stallion grain formula

If you want to save yourself some veterinary costs when breeding your mare here are some simple guidelines to follow...

Guide to breeding without and ultra-sound machine