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Spots is a young leopard appaloosa colt that came to us and by the picture it is easy to see what had happened... The owner put a weanling nylon halter on him and didn't take it off for almost a year and he grew... The poor guy was skinny, scared, and (please excuse the graffic term) smelled like rotting flesh... Because his head was literally covered with rotting flesh...
We never ever leave halters on horses... NEVER!!! Not even a short period of time.... It itches, it's uncomfortable and they naturally want to itch it by rubbing on anything available... Spots didn't get hung up on anything, he just grew around his halter... Yes, Nylon halters are very tough...

Here is Spots 6 moths later... He still has some scars that may never completely heal but we were very fortunate that the neglect did not make him a mean and bitter horse... He took well to training and was sold (To cover our expenses)to a family with young girls who wanted a nice horse to ride and love him dearly...


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