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Stallion,Peruvian Fuego Brillante

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Please read this: When breeding, A great Stallion is only half of the equation the mare has to bring the other half and because she also sets the imprint while nursing I think she brings a little more, which is why it is so important to have great mares in your over all breeding program.

Fuego Brillante A great Grandson on both sides of his pedigree of Piloto "The Legend"

Elegant Powerful Peruvian Horse

Peruvian horses are considered the smoothest riding horses in the world.

What distinguishes the Peruvian horse is it’s 4 beat lateral gait making it the smoothest riding horse on the planet. Peruvians also have "Termino" and "Brio".  Termino is the graceful rolling of the front legs and Brio is the qualities of boldness, exuberance and astute focus in service to the rider, their sense of being on parade, their controlled energy, their willingness to please the rider.  Our Peruvian Pasos attract attention and Fuego is amazing.

Click Here to View Fuego's Registration Papers

Click Here to View Fuego's Family Tree

Fuego Brillante
Peruvian Stallion

Cathy Tauer of Hill View Farms http://www.hillviewfarms.com/ has been the primary mare breeder of Fuego for his entire life.. Subsequently she has a lot of testimony regarding his babies and many pictures... I asked her for a few and she sent me hundreds... I wonder how many she would have sent if I asked her for a lot??? ha ha If you have any questions regarding Fuego's offspring please do not hesitate to ask her... So send her an email at: hillview@springfield-sanborn.net


Here is Chrissy Riding Fuego bareback with just a Bozel... Picture was taken 1-20-2010... He looks really shaggy in his winter coat but he is so smart, learns so quickly and responds so well... His intelligence and disposition are traits that transfer to his babies... Come and see Chrissy ride Fuego and display his talent at the 2010 Mid West Horse Fair in Madison and the Minnesota horse fair in Minneapolis...

Look at the wonderful offspring Fuego has, how they are used and what terrific personalities they all have!!! These are the types of horses everyone dreams of owning, riding and being best friends with!!! Breed your mare this year and get your own Fuego Brillante baby!!!

It seems Don is sharing his breakfast with a baby!!!


Cathy is ready for some serious packing and riding with 2 of Fuego's offspring...
These are really nice sized horses with big chests and endurance to last all day long in the roughest terrain!!!


Cathy is imprinting a newly born Fuego baby...


Don is training a Fuego yearling...


A trailer load of Fuego offspring in the mountains and ready to perform....


Early breeding season special!!!
Save $200 if you book your 2011 breeding before 28 February 2011
Stud fee if booked after 28 February is $800
Notice: We are willing to take registered Peruvian horses in trade for breedings and/or mare care or both... Give us a call and we'll see if we can work out a trade...
$200 down payment required at time of booking...
Call us at 715-569-4693 or e-mail us at poetrypaints@yahoo.com


New to Central Wisconsin and just arrived from the Remuda Ranch in South Dakota, features the gorgeous liver chestnut Fuego Brillante owned by Carl and Christina Schunke of Poetry Paints.  Fuego is exceptionally strong with great brio and disposition, and a gait with advance, overreach, lift, termino and wonderful timing.


Fuego is a full 15 hands and always improves the size and disposition of the mares he breeds.

Not only is he a stallion with a coveted gene pool and ability to pass it on, he is a super trail horse. Fuego will go any place and do anything asked of him.

We ship cooled semen to anywhere in the United States, parts of Mexico and England. The shipments include two packages with 500 million to a billion sperm per part per sample. We guarantee a live foal and discounts to return mares. We also run early breeding season specials.

Click Here to view Fuego's Registration Papers

Click Here to View Fuego's Family Tree