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Carl has been composing poetry for many years and here is a sampling of some of his work.... Hence the name"Poetry" in Poetry Paints...



Deeper from inside

A youth that still is realized

A picture in her mind

A life of possibilities


 A life so full of blossoms

To cherish all it can bring

To look into a child’s eye

Or meet a crashing wave


For a moment or forever

Is simple to understand

Having someone who knows

What a little tending will do


A someone who can cherish

To share this beauty and joy

Seasons tell what a rose can bring

More beautiful every year


To take in her sweet perfume

A beautiful scent is she

A strength that does surround her

It starts from deep within


Appreciate this gorgeous rose

Strong with thorns to protect

But with a scent so pleasant

Each day is new to begin


13 May, 2007 Mothers Day

For Rose Porter By: Carl & Christina Schunke 


Amazing to us what comes out when time and thoughts come together... 


How it feels


In love with the ordinary

Has been written in our text

Then everything gets clearer

Is something we must confess


Something’s we can not help it

Keeping each other aware

Of anything you want to know

Is really only fair


We won’t live in our regret

We are here and now willing

Always looking forward

Won’t give away the ending


Relationships they can challenge

But we continue to strive

Up again and down again

It’s good to be alive


Binding this sweet love in us

Has been the best for all

Kindness, sweet and honesty

Ensuring not to fall


Marriage is our commitment

To each other is real

Wanting not to hold it back

This is how it feels


Composed by Carl Schunke and given as a wedding gift to Levi Borntrager and Esther Wagler        10-25-2006


God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way.

The Rug



You shouldn’t worry

Holding covers tight

Why so willing

Continuing to fight


Skepticism, holding back

Fighting inside, which way to go

Being safe, no risk in sight

Scared of “what if”, Leave alone


Close your eyes

All colors are bright

It’s in your heart

To do this right


Give in breathe out

This is in you

Don’t be alone

I miss you too


Pull the rug

You want to feel

Shake it out

For something so real



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