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We always have unadvertised horses for sale. So check in frequently if you need a well trained trail horse...

It seems we always have horses coming and going. It is just the nature of our business... An occasional rescue, a boarder abandons their horse, or we get one in trade... Usually these go for much less than our prime bred horses but are always given the same level of training... So, drop us a note or give us a call to see if we have something that is not advertised... I can honestly tell you there are at least 4 horses out there right now that fit this description...

Each of our horses for sale are worked with regularly and training begins when they are weanlings. They all lead, get brushed, hooves picked, load into a trailer and spook drilled.
As yearlings we begin their training with a driving harness and ground driving them then  saddling them but no weight is applied as well as continueing the same training that began when they were weanlings to keep reinforcing what they learned the year before...
As 2 year olds they begin getting ridden in the round pen but quickly graduate to short trail rides...
Call us at 715-569-4693 or e-mail us at poetrypaints@yahoo.com

Some things to think about when buying a horse:
I always tell every perspective horse buyer the same thing...
Buying a horse is a relationship that you enter into that can last many many years... All horses are just like us in that they have personality and character... The only way to tell if the chemistry is right is to meet them and get to know them... Horses are like dogs and little kids: You can't make them like you and they pick you, you do not pick them...
Personally we like to see people go for a ride or two, visit the horse a few times, pet them and spend some non-riding time before making a decision to enter into this relationship...
What I just described is the best case scenario...
Unfortunately this is a business and the first person who has the money takes the horse home... It may be a great fit but sometimes we never really know... Also, really good well trained horses just do not last very long so hesitating can cost you a missed opportunity... Sorry, I am just being honest...
We always seem to have horses for sale and some of them may not even be listed... We sell a lot of horses without listing them... Just because we have nothing that you are looking for now doesn't mean we won't have one next week...This is always changing... We also sell horses for other people a lot... We just got a request from a friend to sell her Tennessee Walker gelding who may be another possibility for you... Give my daughter Chrissy a call or drop her a message and come and visit us and the horses we have for sale... 

Meeting you will also give us more of an idea as to who you are, what you are looking for and what would be a good fit...

We have been doing this for many years and we try very hard to help people make a good choice...
Too often there may be a better choice other than the one that catches your eye...

One thing we can promise you is we will be brutally honest whether it will cost us a sale or not... We talk ourselves out of income all of the time...
I hope this helps...

Riding horses for sale


Please check out our newly added links and videos of these kids working.  Don’t let their ages fool you, they are very smart!!



Pizarro, 4 Year Old Peruvian Gelding  SOLD!!!


Pizarro after a 3mile drive


Registered With: North American Peruvian Horse Association

Registered Name: PIZARRO VISTA

Registration Number: 19499

Color: Chestnut

Sex: Gelding

Date Foaled: 2006/05/27

Markings: Star, Coronet/Fetlock, LHL



Pizarro is the hardest trying horse I have ever seen to please his rider or driver.  We sent him out to be trained to pull a buggy or cart and to be a trail horse, (this training lasted 6 weeks), the primary trainer was an Amish man that works with horses from all over Wisconsin and even into South Dakota.  Another words he has an outstanding reputation for turning out well trained horses.  Pizarro is never a “weaver” but always walks straight, when riding him he is extremely responsive to a bit or just a halter.  Even in the buggy a simple little pull will make him stop instantly.  He has been ridden/driven on roads, gravel and paved and isn’t spooky with traffic, he has also had a lot of time in the woods and crossing bridges.  Pizarro has always been well cared for and has always been kept up on de-wormings and trimmings.  He has never had any major health problems and has always been very sound.  Pizarro is an easy and eager horse to ride, he responds to a bit instantly and moves out and slows right down when commanded to.  If you are interested in purchasing Pizarro, you are welcome to come ride or drive him!!!

Information on the Peruvian breed:

Peruvian horses are considered the smoothest riding horses in the world.

What distinguishes the Peruvian horse is it’s 4 beat lateral gait making it the smoothest riding horse on the planet. Peruvians also have "Termino" and "Brio".  Termino is the graceful rolling of the front legs and Brio is the qualities of boldness, exuberance and astute focus in service to the rider, their sense of being on parade, their controlled energy, their willingness to please the rider. 



Click Here to see Pizarro crossing water

Click Here to see Pizarro Crossing a Bridge

Click Here to see Pizarro Driving

Click Here to see Pizarro Loading the Trailer

Click Here to see Pizarro running

Click here to see Pizarro with tarp, saddled, and feet picked

Click here to see Pizarro ridden on road by shar

Click here to see Pizarro ridden by Shar

Click here to see Pizarro ridden my Carl


Candy, 5 year old Paint Mare


Click Here to see Candy Running



Registration Number: 905,463

Color: Red Dun, Overo

Sex: Mare

Sire: TC MR DIVERSIFIED ~ 621,411


Height: 14.3HH

Weight: 1050lbs

Candy is a very kind and responsive mare.  She is currently broke for trails, on road with traffic or in the woods.  She is very good with her feet and de-worming, which she is always kept up on.  She is always easy to catch out on pasture, and actually approaches people when she sees them.  After I catch her I usually ride her back to the barn area bare back with a halter and lead rope, so she is also broke that way too.  Candy is also water safe, she will go right through our pond or puddles when told to do so. 

Click Here to see Candy Load a Trailer

Click Here to see Candy go through a Pond



Registered Name: TUCKER TRIPLE GOLD Registration Number: 975,846 Foaling Date: April 13, 2009 Sire: SOCKETTS GON GOLD Dam: TRIPLE BRANDY JOE Tucker was born on our ranch and has been well cared for and played with since he was born. He recieves regular hoof trimings and de-wormings. Tucker is very personal and always wants to be played with so he is never a hard catch but you actually have to watch the gate because he will try to hop in your pocket. Tucker gets out to drive a couple times a week for at least a mile (currently without a cart or buggy), he also gets saddled, with bags, and bridaled and taken for trail rides, his last one was 3.5mi. Tucker isn’t spooky either, I have been doing tarp and bag drils in wich he walks over and gets touched all over with them. Now if any tarp or bag is within reach, he just wants to mouth and play with it. When it comes to loading the trailer, Tucker will just hop in without hessitation, I grain all of my horses in our trailer after working with them, so they always have a positive experience with them. Tucker is great with water also, I have lead him through our pond multiple times loaded with gear.



Tommy pulling Tucker across the water

Tucker Loading the trailer








Registration Number: 953,984

Foaling Date: May 14, 2008



Tommy was born and raised on our ranch, so he has been played with ever since he was born.  We always keep up on hoof trimmings and de-wormings for all of our horses, so he has always been a healthy boy.  Tommy has been ridden by several people and is ridden between two and four miles a day.  Tommy is good with tarps, and walks over them and can be touched all over without taking a step.  When it comes to water, he has minimal hesitations; he walks right through puddles, has gone swimming multiple times and will wade in our pond easily.  I have thrown a lasso off his back many times and taped him all over his body with no movement except his ears.  When it comes to trailering, he is extremely quiet, he gets grain every day in the trailer and now I only have to turn him loose from the barn, then he walks over to the trailer and loads himself and eats calmly.  I have cantered and galloped Tommy but I try to keep it to a minimum because of his age.  His canter is very smooth like a rocking horse, and his gallop is also very graceful. 

Asking Price: $1500


Tommy Boy Roaping






Registered Name: HJH PURE SUGAR

Registration Number: 936,294

Foaling Date: April 15, 2008



Arial has been with us since she was a weanling, ever since we got her we could see it obvious that she was amazing.  Arial is currently 15.1hh and will grow approximately another hand, she will be one big beautiful girl!!!  Arial is always eager to learn and loves hanging out with people.  I started working with her a lot when she first arrived because we knew right from the start she was going to be a good sized horse.  I started Arial on driving and saddling when she was just a year old, I took her out for walks almost every day during the summer just to expose her to the world.  This spring when I started riding her I felt like I had been riding her for a month already, it was very exciting!  Arial now goes on independent rides about six days a week and I take her through our pond about once a week to keep her up on it.  She is not spooky at all, when it comes to odd objects, she wants to check it all out.  There have been many people already that have ridden her and she has been in groups where the others spook and she just stays stationary and stares at them.  She is good with passing cows, sheep, donkeys, deer, birds and ect..  We have yet to have a solid spook.  Check out our links to youtube.com to see what she can do!

Arial crossing water

Arial loading trailer

Arial with tarp

Arial bareback

Arial being ridden